A small market farm concentrating on our family and quality products. Please contact us for on our local delivery route starting in April for fresh products straight from our certified kitchen and garden.<br>

The mission of WEE is to operate a family based farm that focuses on sustainable agribusiness. Both Stacy and Kara have multiple agricultural degrees from the University of Tennessee. We focus on heirloom plants and vegetables that we offer fresh or canned in our commercial kitchen. The commercial kitchen is home to Kara’s fine breads, jams, jellies, pickles, confections and many other products that she makes. The kitchen is a dedicated building that meets USDA standards. The other half of the WEE operation is centered on our saw mill. Stacy has the capability to mill his lumber for construction, crafts, artwork, farm supplies, and firewood. We also upcycle barnwood, pallet wood, and old lumber that would possibly go to waste. We build our woodcrafts from managed or reclaimed lumber in the wood shop on the premises. We make the items that we use most; planter boxes, kitchen boards, wood crates, picture frames, or shadow boxes but are set up to build most any wood product including birdhouses and small furniture. Our goal is to provide for our two boys by developing our farm system to be sustainable now and in the future when the boys take over.

We are proud to be affiliated with the Farmer Veteran Coalition (http://www.farmvetco.org/) and Pick TN products (http://www.picktnproducts.org/).

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